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7G Rainbow Colony Part 2: Cast, Plot, OTT, Trailer, Songs, Release Date

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7G Rainbow Colony Part 2: Cast, Plot, OTT, Trailer, Songs, Release Date

7G Rainbow Colony Part 2: Cast, Plot, OTT, Trailer, Songs, Release Date

Get ready to be taken away by the much-expected cinematic experience of “7G Rainbow Colony Part 2.” This movie, the sequel to the popular blockbuster, promises to entertain audiences once again with its depth of passion, moving story, and superb acting. The cast’s chemistry and acting prowess are sure to show, with Ravi Krishna returning to the male lead role and Aditi Shankar or Ivana taking on the female lead part. The sequel holds the promise of perfectly carrying on the pattern of the original as directed by Selvaraghavan, the mastermind behind the original masterpiece. Even though the exact release date has not yet been announced, the movie is scheduled to start filming in August 2023, marking an exciting step toward its final release.

Quick info

ProducerYet to be updated
DirectorSelva Raghavan
MusicYuvan Shankar Raja
GenreRomantic drama
CinematographerYet to be updated
EditorYet to be updated
Production CompanyYet to be updated
Release dateAugust 2023
ReviewYet to be updated
RatingYet to be updated
RuntimeYet to be updated
Box office collectionYet to be updated
Censor certificateU/A
WriterYet to be updated
StarringYet to be updated


The important female character is played by Aditi Shankar or Ivana, while Ravi Krishna returns in “7G Rainbow Colony Part 2” to take on the male lead role. Their performances are planned to enhance the love drama and generate strong feelings from the viewers. The cast members promise to provide reality and passion to the plot thanks to their exceptional acting abilities, making the sequel just as compelling and memorable as the original.

Here is the list of main lead characters

  • Ravi Krishna
  • Adithi Shankar / Ivana


Although “7G Rainbow Colony Part 2” keeps the story confidential, viewers can expect another thrilling thriller. The sequel is expected to expand on the themes of the first movie and explore the complicated issues of love, relationships, and human emotions. With themes of passionate affection, personal development, and the difficulties of establishing relationships, Selvaraghavan is likely to create a story that connects with viewers. The lead actors, Ravi Krishna and Aditi Shankar or Ivana have the chemistry and acting abilities to give depth and believability to the character. As filming gets underway, the expectation for the plot’s release only grows, promising an event that, like the previous one, will generate feelings and make a lasting impression.

Release date

Beginning shooting in August 2023, the eagerly awaited “7G Rainbow Colony Part 2” will take a big step closer to being released. While the exact release date has not yet been made public, fans are expecting an announcement soon. The excitement among anxious viewers who are eager to see the next installment of this beloved romance drama continues to grow as the production heats up and the filming progresses. Keep checking back for information on the release date as the movie promises to be yet another absorbing and moving cinematic experience


While the exact OTT platform for “7G Rainbow Colony Part 2” is yet unknown, viewers should expect an announcement from the creators soon. Viewers may anticipate the ease and availability of streaming the next installment on a platform of their choice as the film’s production moves along and more details are revealed. Keep an eye out for updates on the OTT platform to make sure you don’t miss the much-anticipated end of this love story

Streaming dateTo be updated
OTT platformTo be updated
RuntimeTo be updated


Yuvan Shankar Raja’s outstanding music for the original “7G Rainbow Colony” was one of its many highlights. This musical history is carried on in the sequel, which was once again written by Yuvan. Just as the songs from the first film’s soundtrack became huge hits, viewers can anticipate a soundtrack that enhances the emotional depth of the new film.


The “7G Rainbow Colony Part 2” trailer has not yet been made public. Fans are looking forward to this look at the story and performances of the movie, which is likely to increase their excitement.

Final words

The excitement for “7G Rainbow Colony Part 2” can be seen as viewers expect another touching and emotional trip created by Selvaraghavan. The sequel is ready to entertain viewers once more because of its fantastic cast, the possibility of mesmerizing music, and the director’s masterful storytelling. As “7G Rainbow Colony Part 2” gets up to take fans of Tamil cinema on yet another unforgettable journey sealed with love, drama, and emotions.

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