Baby Telugu Movie (2023): Cast, Story, OTT, Trailer, Release Date

The most recent Telugu drama for young adults, “Baby,” captured the audience. The movie, written and directed by Sai Rajesh, has a strong cast, with important roles played by Anand Deverakonda, Vaishnavi Chaitanya, and Viraj Ashwin. With beautiful photography by M N Balreddy and music composed by Vijay Buliganin, “Baby” promises to be a journey of emotion rich with love, friendship, and memories. Let’s explore the specifics of this touching story, which received over critics as well as fans.

Quick info:

DirectorSai Rajesh
CastAnand Deverakonda, Vaishnavi Chaitanya, Viraj Ashwin, and more
GenreRomantic comedy drama
MusicVijay Buliganin
EditorViplav Nyashadam
CinematographerMN Balreedy
Production CompanyA Mass Movie Makers Production
Release date14 July 2023
Review Good (as per teaser)
Run timeYet to be updated
Rating3/5 as per the trailer
Box office collectionYet to be updated
Censor certificateU/A


The touching journey of Anand and Vaishnavi, two old childhood friends who are now neighbors, appears in “Baby“. As they face the difficulties of youth and age together, their sincere friendship develops into a passionate love story. They make decisions that will have a lasting impact on their life as they learn about the ability to change of love using their emotions as their guidance.

Cast :

Anand Deverakonda, who plays the friendly and pleasant Anand, is the star of Baby‘s outstanding group cast. With her sweetness and excited performances, Vaishnavi Chaitanya enthralls the audience in the part of Vaishnavi. They are joined by Viraj Ashwin, whose complex character development gives the story more depth. With the help of Nagababu, Lirisha, Kusuma Degalamarri, Sathvik Anand, Babloo, Seetha, Mounika, and Keerthana, the movie develops an engaging on-screen relationship that attracts viewers.

Here is the list of a few lead actors

  • Anand Deverakonda
  • Vaishnavi Chaitanya
  • Viraj Ashwin
  • Nagababu
  • Lirisha
  • Kusuma Degalamarri
  • Sathvik Anand
  • Babloo
  • Seetha
  • Mounika
  • Keerthana

Release and Reception:

Baby” released in cinemas on July 14, 2023, and both audiences and young people have been giving it a high percentage of favorable reviews. The movie has been a huge hit at the box office thanks to its relatable story and fascinating performances. It shows a modern romantic drama that has received love from viewers, making it an easy watch for viewers of all ages.

OTT Release:

Online rights to streaming for “Baby” were possibly purchased by the Aha platform, according to sources. Although the OTT release date has not been set, Aha is expected to host its official launch in August 2023. With this change, audiences will be able to watch the touching drama whenever and however they like on different devices.

OTT release dateAugust 2023 (expected)
OTT platformAha(not yet confirmed)
ResolutionsSD (upto 480p), HD (upto 720p), Full HD (up to 1080p)
LanguagesTelugu(English subtitles)

Music and Production:

The expressive music for “Baby” was written by the talented Vijay Buliganin, whose attractive music perfectly matches the emotional journey of the movie. The music, that lies from cheerful tunes to joyful pieces, gives the story an additional degree of depth.

Mass Movie Makers, the production company in charge of bringing “Baby” to life, has been credited with the movie’s success. The audience has been charmed by the film’s touching story of love, friendship, and emotions.


Enter the magical world of “Baby,” where teenage dreams meet with adult realities. The lovely teaser takes us on a timeless trip that is full of youthful joy, unsaid promises, and lasting romantic relationships. A story of friendship that develops into a lasting romance is brought to life by the fascinating chemistry between Anand Devarakonda and Vaishnavi Chaitanya. The trailer provides a glimpse of feelings that stay long after the final frame against the background of melodic tunes written by Vijay Buliganin. In this heartfelt Telugu romance drama, get ready to reclaim the charm of first love and learn about the lovely variety of relationships.

Final words:

Baby” is a movie that shares feelings with viewers and expresses their emotions. The writing and directing of Sai Rajesh have brilliantly caught the heart of a love story that takes from childhood to adulthood, leaving fans thinking back on their own past lovers. The characters got life by Anand Devarakonda, Vaishnavi Chaitanya, and Viraj Ashwin’s performances, which gave the movie a unique cinematic experience.

Fans and viewers can’t wait to return to the charming “Baby” world as the movie gets ready for its OTT arrival on Aha. “Baby” is without a doubt making an impression on viewers with its charming story and lovable team, making it a must-see for anyone who loves a well-written romantic drama that speaks to the soul.

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