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Bedurulanka 2012 Movie (2023): Cast, Story, OTT, Trailer, Songs, Release Date

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Bedurulanka 2012 Movie (2023): Cast, Story, OTT, Trailer, Songs, Release Date

Bedurulanka 2012 Movie (2023): Cast, Story, OTT, Trailer, Songs, Release Date

In the middle of the 2012 end-of-the-world panic, “Bedurulanka 2012” explores the values of humanity. The movie, which takes place in Yedurulanka, compares those who represent togetherness and hope with those who profit from fear. With the help of actors Kartikeya Gummakonda and Neha Shetty, director Clax handles the complexity of human behavior. The movie asks viewers to consider their reactions to doubt with a gripping story, gorgeous cinematography, and a moving soundtrack by Mani Sharma. “Bedurulanka 2012” promises a compelling examination of humanity in the face of a coming tragedy when it debuts on August 25, 2023.

Quick info 

heroKartikeya Gummakonda
heroineNeha Shetty
producerBenny Muppaneni
musicMani Sharma
cinematographySunny Kurapati, Saiprakash and Ummadisingu
editedViplav Nyshadam  
genreComedy and Drama
Release dateAugust 25, 2023
reviewYet to be updated
Rating Yet to be updated
RuntimeYet to be updated


The cast of “Bedurulanka 2012” is outstanding, with Kartikeya Gummakonda and Neha Shetty standing out as characters managing the end-of-the-world stress. Ajay Ghosh’s depiction of a guy who plays on fear adds depth. The supporting cast, which includes Satya, Raj Kumar Kasireddy, Srikanth Ayyengar, ‘Auto’ Ram Prasad, Goparaju Ramana, LB Sriram, and others, adds to the film’s unique ensemble of characters. The depiction of each actor highlights the difference between generosity and avarice, increasing the examination of ethical behavior in an environment of calamity. “Bedurulanka 2012” is a compelling cinematic experience because of their joint talent.

Here is the list of main lead characters

  • Kartikeya
  •  Neha Shetty
  • Ajay Ghosh
  •  Satya
  • Raj Kumar Kasireddy
  •  Srikanth Ayyengar
  •  ‘Auto’ Ram Prasad
  •  Goparaju Ramana
  •  LB Sriram
  •  Surabhi Prabhavathi
  •  Kittayya
  •  Anithanath
  • Divya Narni


The events of “Bedurulanka 2012” take place in Yedurulanka during the general fear of the impending disaster in 2012. The community becomes an example of how humanity reacts as the world is almost in disaster. In the primary roles, Kartikeya Gummakonda and Neha Shetty portray people searching for hope in the face of sadness, and Ajay Ghosh represents the opportunistic use of fear. The story shows their interactions while comparing the choices of abuse and unity. Director Clax crafts a challenging story that examines human morality under hardship. The characters’ choices, set against stunning backdrops, show the range of humanity and promote reflection on our own reactions to hardship.

Release date

On August 25, 2023, “Bedurulanka 2012” is expected to attract viewers. The widely expected debut of this film promises to take audiences into Yedurulanka’s heart, as the values that are the basis of humanity collapse in the face of approaching disaster. The movie creates a realistic picture of diverse human reactions to doubt as tension rises and the characters develop their different pathways. The ensemble cast, including Kartikeya Gummakonda and Neha Shetty, all deliver outstanding performances, while Clax’s directing and Mani Sharma’s stirring score further the movie’s topical examination of morality and fear. Make a note of this captivating cinematic experience in your calendars.


The OTT  online platform is expected to release “Bedurulanka 2012” soon after its theatrical debut. Audiences are likely to have the option to stream the movie from the comfort of their homes, absorbing themselves in the complex investigation of human morality against the backdrop of 2012’s end of days anxiety, even though the precise OTT platform has not yet been formally disclosed. Keep checking back for information regarding the official OTT release of this engaging and thought-provoking movie.

OTT platformTBA
OTT release dateTBA


Mani Sharma’s musical soundtrack for “Bedurulanka 2012” expertly brings feelings into the story. Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry, Kittu Vissapragada, and Krishna Chaitanya wrote the songs, and they are in keeping with the themes of the movie. The inner struggles, hopes, and worries of the characters are conveyed through the lyrics. As the audience travels through Yedurulanka’s moral maze, the music improves the tale and creates a fully realized experience.  


The trailer for “Bedurulanka 2012” provides an interesting peek into a society troubled by end-of-the-world fear. The teaser shows Kartikeya Gummakonda as a muscular man fighting destiny with his devil-may-care attitude, with an alarm clock serving as a constant reminder. The images clearly show Yedurulanka’s natural beauty in opposition to the fear of approaching tragedy. The teaser effectively shows the characters’ inner distress and their disparate reactions to the disaster as they struggle with their own morality. The teaser sets the framework for an engaging story and promises an interesting examination of humanity’s decisions.

Final words

A journey through the maze of human ethics is what “Bedurulanka 2012” offers, with a world haunted by the fear of approaching disaster as the backdrop. Director Clax creates a story that explores the complex strands of hope, greed, and compassion with the help of an outstanding ensemble, including Kartikeya Gummakonda and Neha Shetty. Yedurulanka challenges viewers to consider their own sense of morality as characters struggle with how to handle doubt. When it debuts on August 25, 2023, the film is guaranteed to fascinate audiences with its relaxing musical soundtrack, magnificent graphics, and thought-provoking story.

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