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Crimes and Confessions 2 Web Series (2023) Alttbalaji: Cast, Story, OTT, Trailer, Songs, Release Date

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Crimes and Confessions 2 Web Series (2023) Alttbalaji: Cast, Story, OTT, Trailer, Songs, Release Date

Crimes and Confessions 2 Web Series (2023) Alttbalaji: Cast, Story, OTT, Trailer, Songs, Release Date

Crimes & Confessions returns with its much anticipated Season 2, and fans can get ready to get caught up in a riveting journey of romance, suspense, and hidden truths. This ALT Balaji original series, which premieres on August 14, 2023, promises an exciting combination of mystery and emotions. Sherlyn Chopra, Navina Bole, Khushi Shah, Sahil Sambyal, Sharanya Jit Kaur, and Amjad Khan are among the outstanding actors who star in this anthology, which explores stories of love, passion, desire, and gender politics from various historical periods. Get ready for an emotional roller coaster in a society where secrets rule supreme, as each episode is poised to reveal darker depths.

Quick Info

TitleCrimes And Confessions, Season 2
Directoryet to be updated
Produceryet to be updated
Cinematographeryet to be updated
Storyyet to be updated
Musicyet to be updated
Editingyet to be updated
GenreCrime, Action, Thriller
Release date14 August 2023
Number of Episodesyet to be updated


A group of skilled actors make up the Crimes and Confessions Season 2 cast. The basis of this explosive ensemble is made up of Sherlyn Chopra’s strong presence, Navina Bole’s variety, Khushi Shah’s magnetism, Sahil Sambyal’s difficulty, Sharanya Jit Kaur’s depth, and Amjad Khan’s talent. Their depictions give life to characters from many ages who get caught in a web of desire, love, greed, and ambition. The cast of Crimes and Confessions Season 2 ensures that each episode is a voyage through the complexities of human emotions thanks to their great chemistry and riveting performances, creating a compelling blend of suspense and desire.

Here is the list of main lead characters

  • Sherlyn Chopra
  • Navina Bole
  • Khushi Shah
  • Sahil Sambyal
  • Sharanya Jit Kaur
  • Amjad Khan 
  • Farhan Qureshi
  • Bhavna Rokade
  • Papiya Poddar
  • Veronica
  • Vaanya Singh Rajput
  • Manoj Chetan Singh


Confessions and Crimes Season 2 presents an ensemble of stories that explore the most hidden and darkest aspects of human motivations. The collected series, which is set several times, examines the complex interactions between love, passion, desire, and jealousy. Characters fight gender politics and face their deepest desires as each episode develops, erasing the distinction between good and wrong. As mysteries and undiscovered confessions that have the potential to shake viewers’ very foundations are revealed in the series, viewers are promised to be kept on the edge of their seats. Get ready for a captivating journey through the puzzling complexities of human emotions.

Release date 

On August 14, 2023, the second season of Crimes and Confessions will captivate viewers with its captivating stories. An interesting journey through a universe filled with passion, mystery, and untold truths will begin with the widely expected launch on the ALT Balaji streaming platform. The series promises to take viewers on an emotional roller coaster as it explores the mysterious complexities of human emotion. There is growing excitement for this electric story, which is sure to captivate viewers once more, as its release date approaches.


Audiences will be enthralled by Crimes and Confessions Season 2 only on the ALT Balaji streaming service. Beginning on August 14, 2023, viewers will be able to lose themselves in captivating stories that promise to expose a web of desires, riddles, and confessions. Only ALT Balaji will be able to stream this much-expected series, giving viewers a seat next to the suspenseful tales of love, lust, and mystery as they play out across many centuries.

OTT platformALTT
OTT release dateyet to be updated
runtime30-40 min


Crimes and Confessions Season 2’s precise number of episodes has not yet been revealed. On the other hand, viewers may look forward to a compelling selection of tales that explore the depths of human passions, greed, and secrets. Each episode promises to reveal captivating stories set against various backgrounds and provide a complex fusion of suspense and emotion. The details of love, lust, and power will be explored in fascinating detail as the series progresses, providing viewers with a legendary viewing experience.


A captivating world of desires and deception is attractively teased in the Crimes and Confessions Season 2 trailer. The video teases a journey through a network of human emotions as we see glimpses of Sherlyn Chopra’s captivating story, Khushi Shah’s attractive presence, and Sahil Sambyal’s passionate vibe. The trailer delivers fascinating glimpses of love, greed, and gender roles against a variety of historical backdrops that look to captivate viewers. The trailer only gives viewers a little taste of the unfolding mysteries they may expect, leaving them curious about the stories that lie behind as suspense builds and confessions hang in the air.

Final words

There is growing excitement for Crimes and Confessions Season 2 as August 14, 2023, approaches. With tales of desire, mystery, and the complexity of human nature, this ALT Balaji offering promises a compelling combination of emotions. The series promises a thrilling journey that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats with an ensemble of stars, compelling storytelling, and a hint of mystery from several eras. Prepare yourself for a roller-coaster ride through the countless shades of love, lust, and lying as we get ready to set out on an adventure where confessions are uncovered and secrets are disclosed.

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