Hidden Love Chinese Drama Review: An Enthralling Investigation of Feelings and Secrets

The chinese drama “Hidden Love” skillfully explores the mysterious realm of feelings and secrets.Through compelling acting and visual storytelling, it exposes a world in which unsaid impulses affect fates,creating an engrossing tale of complex emotions.

“Hidden Love (偷偷藏不住) is a young romance drama based on the novel of the same name. It stars Sang Zhi. The novel dives into her hidden feelings for Duan Jiaxu, brother’s friend, and follows the progression of their relationship.

Quick Info

DirectorLee Ching Jung
Main CastZhao Lu Si, Chen Zhe Yuan, Victor Ma
GenreRomance, Comedy, Youth
Episodes25 episodes
Duration45 each episode


“Hidden Love” is an enthralling and inspiring teenage romantic story about love, friendship and personal growth. It chronicles Sang Zhi’s secret admiration for her brother’s friends, Duan Jiaxu, and their blossoming connection. The drama remains true to the novel, keeping character exchanges while brilliantly bringing the tale to life. It smoothly combines meaningful moments, romance, and more while balancing
comedy and emotion.

What’s Good?

While skirting common teenage romance stereotypes, “Hidden Love” stands out for its genuine storytelling, subtle character development, and genre-refreshing features. Sang Zhi’s growing and genuine feelings for Duan Jiaxu distinguish her from traditional female leads. Duan Jiaxu’s portrayal of a protecting and guiding influence in Sang Zhi’s life is similarly commendable.

What’s Bad?

After careful examination, no significant flaws in this drama are found. Its engrossing plot, well developed characters, and high production quality all contribute to an extremely delightful viewing experience. While it’s uncommon to come across a drama that leaves such a great impression with no visible flaws, “Hidden Love” accomplishes just that, earning its proper place as a top-tier production.

Writing and Direction

“Hidden Love” expertly navigates the realms of storyline and direction under the leadership of writer Shen Fei Xian and director Lee Ching Jung. The drama expertly balances emotional romantic moments, familial connections, and the essence of youth, making an indelible impression on its viewers. Under their direction, the talented cast perfectly times the comedic aspects, delivering punchlines and physical comedy with precision.

While the drama is mostly about youth and romance, it also goes into deeper emotional levels, effectively portraying introspection and
psychological growth over the characters’ travels. These aspects come together effortlessly, as choreographed by Shen Fei Xian and directed by Lee Ching Jung, resulting in a unified and emotionally memorable viewing experience.

Cast Performances

Chen Zheyuan and Zhao Lusi shine as Duan Jiaxu and Sang Zhi, respectively, delivering performances that add depth and realism to their roles. Zhao Lusi represents Sang Zhi’s maturation from adolescent to adult, while Chen Zheyuan’s micro expressions and expressive eyes capture Duan Jiaxu’s feelings. Their chemistry gives on-screen relationships believability and draws viewers in.

The supporting cast adds a variety of personalities and subplots to the story. Sand Yan, Sang Zhi’s brother, provides genuine moments with humorous banter and natural relationships. This dynamic ensemble helps the overall plot and keeps the
audience engaged.

The Cinematic Brilliance

The cinematography in “Hidden Love” captures the essence of youth, the feelings of unrequited love, and intimate character moments masterfully. The first green/ grey filter and the pacing in the start seem off but later it improves. Despite a few minor
glitches, the drama’s execution, acting, and moving moments shine through.

Soundtrack at its best

The soundtrack of “Hidden Love” effectively captures the essence of the drama, enhancing the whole viewing experience. It flawlessly compliments the narrative and gives a richer depth to the series with captivating melodies and emotionally intense

Last Words

Finally, Hidden Love captures the spirit of a young love journey with a lovely blend of romance and drama. It provides a fresh take on the youth-romance genre with great performers and a fascinating plot. You’ll find yourself smiling, laughing and swooning
as you witness the drama.

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