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Mistake (2023) Telugu Movie: Cast, Story, OTT, Trailer, Release Date

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Mistake (2023) Telugu Movie: Cast, Story, OTT, Trailer, Release Date

Mistake (2023) Telugu Movie: Cast, Story, OTT, Trailer, Release Date

Bharath Komalapati’s expected Telugu film “Mistake” is directed by him. Abhinav Sardhar, Ajay Kathurvar, Sujith Kumar, Teja Ainampudi, Karishma Kumar, Taniya Kalrra, Priya Paul, Raja Ravindra, and Sameer are among the cast members. The film, directed by Abhinav Sardhar, promises to be an exciting and amusing roller-coaster trip. With a release date of September 2023, “Mistake” produces a lot of excitement among Telugu viewers.

Quick info

producerAbhinav Sardhar
directorBharath Komalapati
writerBharath Komalapati
musicMani Zenna
starringAbhinav Sardhar, Ajay Kathurvar
editorVijay Mukthavarapu
CinematographerHari Jasthi
Release dateYet to be updated
Production CompanyAbhinav Sardhar Production
reviewYet to be updated
Run time2 hours 40 minutes
Box office collectionYet to be updated
Censor CertificateU/A

Plot and Genre:

Mistake is about multiple turns of friends who arrange an exciting outing. Their excitement quickly turns to horror when they come across a tough guy out for revenge. The film is a thrilling comedy that promises to keep fans on the edge of their seats by successfully combining different types of entertainment

Cast and Crew:

Abhinav Sardhar, Ajay Kathurvar, Sujith Kumar, Teja Ainampudi, Karishma Kumar, Taniya Kalrra, Priya Paul, Raja Ravindra, and Sameer are among the cast members. The film, directed by Bharath Komalapati, shows his distinct narrative ability. Hari Jasthi is responsible for cinematography, and Mani Zenna is in charge of music. Vijay Mukthavarapu edits the picture, ensuring an enjoyable and interesting story.

Here is the list of cast members:

  • Abhinav Sardhar
  • Ajay Kathurvar
  • Sujith Kumar
  • Teja Ainampudi
  • Karishma Kumar
  • Taniya Kalrra
  • Priya Paul
  • Raja Ravindra
  • Sameer

OTT and Release date:

The OTT platform and digital rights for “Mistake” have yet to be disclosed. Fans may, however, expect the film to be available on a streaming platform soon after its theatrical premiere. Because of its interesting foundation and outstanding cast, the film has already attracted the interest of a large number of people.

The film “Mistake” is set to be released in September 2023. However, the specific date has not yet been confirmed, expanding excitement and suspense among viewers.

Streaming DateTo be updated
OTT PlatformTo be updated
Run time2 hours 40 minutes

Production and Impact on the Telugu Film Industry:

Mistake is an enormous achievement for its producer, Abhinav Sardhar, who not only performs in the film but is also in the position of presenting this engaging story to the audience. Abhinav’s direction in the film industry has been notable as a businessman turned actor, and “Mistake” allows him to show off his talents and potential. Director Bharath Komalapati, identified for his skills in choreography, took his place in the director’s chair with “Mistake.” The success of the film could establish him as a skilled Telugu filmmaker, potentially leading to more amazing projects in the future.

Expectations and Reception:

The film’s diverse cast and unique idea raised hopes that “Mistake” will be a welcome addition to Telugu cinema. As the premiere date approaches, fans and critics alike are excitedly awaiting the film’s theatrical appearance. It will be interesting to observe how the crowd reacts to the genre mash-up and the excellent performers’ performances.

Mistake has already gotten a lot of buzz thanks to its fascinating premise and outstanding cast. Fans and viewers are anticipating its debut with bated breath, hoping for an enjoyable and engrossing experience in the theaters. The film’s final success will be determined by how well it connects with the audience and how well it delivers on its promise of mixing comedy and suspense


The “Mistake” trailer promises a thrilling and enjoyable cinematic experience. The teaser, directed by Bharath Komalapati, attracts the audience from the start with its interesting storyline and gripping images. We meet a group of friends who start on what appears to be an exciting journey, but they have no idea that it will develop into a thrilling and suspenseful experience. The trailer indicates a clash with a rough guy out for revenge, setting the atmosphere for an exciting and amazing story.

Box Office Expectations:

The performance of “Mistake” at the box office will be important in deciding its overall success. As the release date approaches, there will be a discussion about its opening weekend box office and the following run. Positive word-of-mouth and favorable reviews could help the film’s commercial success greatly.


Mistake is a gripping Telugu film that combines elements of comedy, drama, and thriller to provide an excellent cinematic experience. With a great cast and experienced team members behind the scenes, the picture sparked the imagination of both fans and critics. As the release date approaches, all eyes will be on “Mistake” to see if the movie comes up to its expectations and leaves an indelible mark on the  Telugu film.

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