Nalla Nilavulla Rathri Full Movie Leaked Online to Download For Free on iBomma

The upcoming Malayalam thriller “Nalla Nilavulla Rathri,” directed by Murphy Devasy, is likely to captivate fans with its interesting storyline and captivating storyline. The film, which is set to be released on June 30, 2023, features a talented cast, including Chemban Vinod Jose and Anagha Maria Varghese, who are sure to bring their roles to life on the big screen. The film digs into a world of crime and frightening happenings as the night progresses, at last uncovering a horrifying truth that has audiences on the edge of their seats.

Quick info

StoryMurphy Devasy
DirectorMurphy Devasy
DialogueMurphy Devasy, Praful Suresh
Music Kailas Menon
CinematographyAjay David Kachappilli
ProducerSandra Thomas, Wilson Thomas
ProductionSandra Thomas production company
Ott release dateTBA
Box officeTBA
Ott platformTBA

The Cast:

Nalla Nilavulla Rathri stars some of Malayalam cinema’s most talented actors. Chemban Vinod Jose, identified for his unique performances, plays an important role in the film, giving his character a unique blend of intensity and depth. Along with him, Anagha Maria Varghese shows off her acting skills, bringing depth and complexity to the story. Nithin George, Rony David Raj, Binu Pappu, and Ganapati rounded out the ensemble cast, each contributing to the film’s holding atmosphere.

  • Anagha Maria Varghese
  • Nithin George
  • Rony David Raj
  • Chemban Vinod Jose
  • Binu Pappu
  • Ganapati

The Storyline:

The plot focuses on a group of six college buddies who travel to Shimoga, a peaceful location, for work and pleasure. However, what begins as a pleasant journey quickly turns into a nightmare for the group. While engaged in organic farming, the companions get caught in an internet of evil, where crime and fascinating episodes unfold by the hour. As the night progresses, secrets are revealed, resulting in a series of unplanned revelations that put their friendship and safety at risk.

Release Date 

Nalla Nilavulla Rathri is scheduled to visit theaters on June 30, 2023, causing excitement among viewers. The film promises to be a thrilling and unforgettable cinematic experience thanks to its captivating storyline and skilled team. As the premiere date approaches, viewers get more eager to immerse themselves in the dark and mysterious world of “Nalla Nilavulla Rathri.” Mark your calendars and prepare for a night of mystery and suspense as this Malayalam thriller brings you into the depths of the night.

OTT Release Date and Platform:

The excitement surrounding “Nalla Nilavulla Rathri” has grown, with fans eagerly awaiting its debut on an OTT platform. While specifics about the platform and release date have yet to be confirmed, the film is scheduled to be released on an important streaming service in July 2023. Stay tuned for information on the OTT release so you may see this compelling thriller from the comfort of your own home.

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Nalla Nilavulla Rathri is expected to be an emotional rollercoaster with suspense, providing viewers with an exciting movie experience. The film promises to present an exciting plot that keeps fans on the edge of their seats. The secrets and crimes that surround the group of friends are disclosed as the night progresses, revealing a devastating revelation that will leave viewers speechless. With its July 2023 premiere on an OTT platform, “Nalla Nilavulla Rathri” is expected to become a must-see for Malayalam film fans looking for a thrilling thriller loaded with mystery and suspense.

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