Oru Srilankan Sundari Movie (2023): Cast, Trailer, OTT, Songs, Release Date 

The highly anticipated Malayalam drama-thriller “Oru Srilankan Sundari” (2023) promises to be an exciting movie experience. This movie is directed by Krishna Priyadarshan and stars Padmaraj Ratheesh, Rajith Kumar, Meghna, and Anoop Menon. The movie, which is scheduled for release on November 10, 2023, is about an elderly guy (Anoop Menon), whose life is dramatically changed when an unidentified woman (Meghna) enters it. The movie “Oru Srilankan Sundari” is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats with its suspense, drama, and strange storyline. Mark your calendars for this amazing cinematic journey and keep an eye out for the release of the trailer.

Quick info

GenreDrama thriller
Directed byKrishna Priyadarshan
StarringRajith Kumar, Anoop Menon, Meghna, and Padmaraj Ratheesh
Cinematographer TBA
Release dateNovember 10, 2023


The excellent cast of “Oru Srilankan Sundari” (2023) adds depth as well as complexity to the story of the movie. Anoop Menon plays the elderly character in the starring role, exhibiting his remarkable acting talent. Another well-known actor, Rajith Kumar, brings personality to the movie. Meghna takes on the role of a mysterious character who is expected to play an important role in the plot. The ensemble, which also includes Padmaraj Ratheesh, adds to the suspense of the film. With such a talented and varied ensemble, “Oru Srilankan Sundari” is guaranteed to offer captivating performances and make an impression on viewers.

Here is the list of main lead characters

  • Rajith Kumar
  • Padmaraj Ratheesh
  • Anoop Menon
  • Meghna


The life of a middle-aged man is followed in “Oru Srilankan Sundari” (2023), which stars Anoop Menon. He has an unexpected end to his routine when Meghna’s mystery character enters his life. Their chance meeting sets off a series of events that create a dramatic story. Secrets are revealed as the layers of their lives entwine, and the line between reality and illusion becomes more hazy. The movie looks at themes of love, fate, and the unexpected results of unintentional encounters, with elements of drama and mystery. The intriguing story of “Oru Srilankan Sundari” promises to keep viewers guessing right up to the very end.

Release date and OTT platform

On November 10, 2023, “Oru Srilankan Sundari” is slated to premiere on television, offering Malayalam movie fans an exciting cinematic experience. The movie’s theatrical debut is scheduled for November 10, but as of the latest knowledge update in September 2021, no information was known on the movie’s availability on OTT services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or others. Release plans can vary over time, therefore, for any updates on its digital streaming availability, I advise checking with the relevant OTT platforms or official sources closer to the release date.

OTT platformTBA
OTT streaming dateTBA


Since the movie is still in the development stage, specific data regarding the songs featured in “Oru Srilankan Sundari” is not yet accessible. However, because the story is epic in dimension, audiences can anticipate a musical composition. Traditional Indian music, emotional instrumentals, and possibly even original pieces that support the story will all be included in the soundtrack. The emotional depth and significance that music creates in historical dramas are crucial, and “Oru Srilankan Sundari” is expected to follow this trend.


Oru Srilankan Sundari (2023) does not yet have a public trailer. However, while concerned viewers wait for the release of the trailer, anticipation is growing. The film’s mysterious and dramatic storyline should be attractively hinted at in the trailer, which will additionally demonstrate the cast’s extraordinary talents and the director’s vision. Keep an eye out for the release of the highly anticipated trailer, which is sure to heighten interest in the Malayalam drama-thriller that will be arriving in theaters on November 10, 2023.

Final words

The year 2023’s “Oru Srilankan Sundari” is set to bring an exciting new entry to the Malayalam film industry. This drama-thriller features a talented ensemble cast, including Anoop Menon, Rajith Kumar, Meghna, and Padmaraj Ratheesh, who together make up the leading quartet. Although specifics about the song and the trailer have not yet been made public, viewers are sure to be charmed by the film’s interesting plot, which centers on a fortuitous encounter that upends a middle-aged man’s life.

The countdown to this movie’s November 10, 2023, release date increases. Make sure to put a fascinating adventure full of drama, mystery, and more on your calendars, and keep an eye out for updates on the songs and trailer. “Oru Srilankan Sundari” is expected to become a classic among fans of Malayalam films.

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