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Pulimada (2023) Malayalam Movie: Cast, Story, OTT, Trailer, Songs, Release Date

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Pulimada (2023) Malayalam Movie: Cast, Story, OTT, Trailer, Songs, Release Date

Pulimada (2023) Malayalam Movie: Cast, Story, OTT, Trailer, Songs, Release Date

With A.K. Sajan’s upcoming Malayalam thriller “Pulimada,” be ready for an exciting cinematic journey. The movie, which stars Joju George and Aishwarya Rajesh, takes a surprise turn after a wedding, putting the characters into a confusing web of suspense. Aside from Chemban Vinod Jose and Balachandra Menon, “Pulimada” also has a strong supporting cast that was jointly produced by Einstein Zack Paul and Damodaran. The movie’s planned digital release features cinematography by Venu, editing by Vivek Harshan, and music by Ishaan Dev. Fans may expect a thrilling movie experience from “Pulimada” while they wait for the official online streaming service and release date.

Quick info

producerEinsetin Zack Paul, Damodaran
editorVivek Harshan
musicIshaan Dev
productionEinstein Media, Lant Cinema
Box officeTBA


With a strong ensemble cast led by the charming Joju George and the gifted Aishwarya Rajesh, the engaging Malayalam thriller “Pulimada” boasts an impressive cast. Their on-screen relationship gives the exciting story more depth. Along with them, the movie also features the acting prowess of Chemban Vinod Jose, Balachandra Menon, Lijomol Jose, Johnny Antony, Jaffer Idukki, Krishna Prabha, Sona Nair, and Jeo Baby, each of them provided their special skills to make the movie an amazing one. “Pulimada” promises to take viewers on an emotional roller coaster and a thrilling journey thanks to its unique and talented ensemble.

Here is the list of main lead characters

  • Joju George
  •  Chemban Vinod Jose
  • Balachandra Menon
  •  Johny Antony 
  • Jaffer Idukki 
  • Jeo Baby 
  • Aishwarya Rajesh 
  • Sona Nair


The unidentified man whose life is explored in “Pulimada” has a mission that changes dramatically following a wedding. The main character is caught up in a web of complex problems as the story grows, which puts his resolve and determination to the test. As the main character defeats challenges, uncovers secret truths, and faces unexpected foes, the movie masterfully mixes tension and mystery. “Pulimada” promises to present a heart-pounding tale of mystery and suspense, exploring the complexity of human psychology and the unexpected turns that life can bring, with a story that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

Relese date 

On October 6, 2023, the much awaited Malayalam thriller “Pulimada” is scheduled to premiere. Make a note of this date in your calendars because the movie promises to be an exciting cinematic experience full of mystery, suspense, and compelling storytelling. “Pulimada,” which is being directed by A.K. Sajan and stars an outstanding ensemble cast that is led by Joju George and Aishwarya Rajesh, is sure to attract viewers with its captivating story and accomplished performances. As the release date draws near, excitement is growing and viewers are getting ready to enter the fascinating world of “Pulimada” when it makes its much awaited theatrical debut.


Fans can anticipate “Pulimada” being released legally on a streaming site after the future year 2023, even though the exact OTT platform has not yet been disclosed. Keep an eye out for information on the official digital streaming partner as the film’s suspenseful story and outstanding cast, lead by Joju George and Aishwarya Rajesh, are anticipated to make a significant impression on the digital platform and give viewers an exciting and interesting cinematic experience.

OTT platformTBA
OTT release dateTBA


Ishaan Dev’s work for “Pulimada”‘s musical track promises to give the film’s compelling story depth and passion. Although exact song information is still a mystery, viewers can expect a musical experience which improves the suspense and mystery of the film. The music of Ishaan Dev is anticipated to improve the whole cinematic experience of “Pulimada,” further drawing viewers in the mysterious and dramatic universe that the great cast and crew have created.


The mysterious and suspenseful universe that the movie “Pulimada” promises to explore is teased in the teaser. Viewers are introduced to the strange figures played by Joju George and Aishwarya Rajesh in a quick but powerful preview. A wedding celebration that unexpectedly breaks from plan and draws the main participants into a web of intrigue is hinted at in the teaser. The “Pulimada” trailer sets the stage for an explosive cinematic experience that will keep fans eagerly awaiting the movie’s release to learn the amazing secrets that lie within thanks to its energetic editing, intense situations, and intriguing visuals.

Final words 

The Malayalam thriller “Pulimada” is growing to be a must-see since it promises to take viewers on an exciting cinematic journey. The movie has a compelling story that is driven by Joju George and Aishwarya Rajesh, with the potential to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The excellent ensemble cast, which includes Balachandra Menon and Chemban Vinod Jose, heightens the excitement. The film’s suspense, enticement, and musical compositions by Ishaan Dev are anticipated to produce a remarkable cinematic experience that will linger long after the credits roll as fans wait for the digital release and streaming partner confirmation for 2023.

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