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Rasavathi Movie (2023): Cast, Trailer, OTT, Songs, Release Date

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Rasavathi Movie (2023): Cast, Trailer, OTT, Songs, Release Date

Rasavathi Movie (2023): Cast, Trailer, OTT, Songs, Release Date

The upcoming Santhakumar-directed Tamil thriller drama “Rasavathi” is sure to entertain viewers with its interesting story. Arjun Das plays the lead in the late 2023 release of the movie, which also features Tanya S. Ravichandran, Reshma Venkatesh, Ramya Subramanian, GM Sundar, and Rishikanth in major roles. On August 5, 2023, the first-look poster for the film was released. It promises a psychological thriller in which Arjun Das’s character, a lover of the natural world, meets a troubled woman, starting off a series of unexpected occurrences. The soundtrack and background scores for the movie, which were both composed by Thaman S, are expected to heighten the tension in the story

Quick info

MusicThaman S
GenreThriller drama
Release date2023 expected
EditorVJ Sabu Joseph
Production CompanyDNA Mechanic Company, Saraswathi Cine Creations
CastArjun Das, Tanya S Ravichandran, and Reshma Venkatesh
Censor certificateU/A
ReviewTo be updated
RuntimeTo be updated
RatingTo be updated
Box office collectionTo be updated


With Arjun Das playing the independent-thinking lead, Rasavathi”‘s ensemble cast is exceptionally talented. With their outstanding performances, Tanya S. Ravichandran, Reshma Venkatesh, Ramya Subramanian, GM Sundar, and Rishikanth add to the film’s depth. This unique cast promises to give the characters life and deepen the suspense of the story as it develops.

Here is the list of main lead characters

  • Ramya Subramanian
  • GM Sundar
  • Rishikanth
  • Arjun Das
  • Tanya S Ravichandran
  • Reshma Venkatesh


“Rasavathi” explores unknown regions of human emotions and decision-making. The main character of the tale is Arputhan (Arjun Das), a lover of the natural world whose peaceful existence ends when he meets Rasavathi (Tanya Ravichandran), a troubled woman. A forbidden relationship that develops as their paths cross gets them into a complicated web of lies, deception, and even murder. A story of passion, mystery, and suspense is beautifully constructed by director Santhakumar, taking the audience on an emotional rollercoaster. The mix of love and danger creates a psychological thriller that has viewers eagerly awaiting the drama that will play out on screen.

Release Date:

In late 2023, “Rasavathi” is scheduled to make its theatrical debut, attracting viewers with its engaging story and performances. The interesting concept and outstanding cast of the movie have raised outstanding anticipation, even if the exact release date has not yet been decided. “Rasavathi” is a much-anticipated film that promises to take audiences into a world of suspense, love, and mystery as fans quickly await its release. Keep checking back for further information on the exact release date, and get ready to travel through this thrilling Tamil thriller’s heart.


After its theatrical run, “Rasavathi” is expected to be available for watching on Netflix, a well-known OTT service. Netflix’s release of the movie is eagerly awaited, given the lack of a guaranteed OTT release date. The compelling story and outstanding performances that “Rasavathi” has to offer will now be available to a larger audience. Viewers may anticipate enjoying the suspense and drama of this psychological thriller from the comfort of their own homes as the movie transfers from the big screen to the digital space

OTT release date2023 expected
OTT platformNetflix
ResolutionSD (up to 480p), HD (up to 720p), Full HD (up to 1080p)


The dramatic feelings and emotional depth of “Rasavathi” are set to be enhanced by Thaman S’s musical score. Even though Thaman S’s track record promises an entrancing blend of melodies that will connect with the film’s themes, particular song titles, and specifics have not yet been revealed. The music is expected to reflect the complex emotions and events presented in the film, from eerie melodies to upbeat sounds. Audiences can look forward to a musical experience that supports its story and further involves them in “Rasavathi” as the movie’s release date approaches.


The official trailer for “Rasavathi” has not yet been released, considering the growing excitement for the movie. The movie’s complicated web of feelings, riddles, and conflicts should be tantalizingly revealed in the teaser. This teaser is likely to highlight the director Santhakumar’s expertise in the storytelling process and the outstanding work of the cast. Fans are looking forward to the trailer’s release, which will no doubt spark their interest and fuel their excitement for the upcoming premiere of this mysterious Tamil thriller. Watch this space for the much-awaited look inside the “Rasavathi” universe.

Final Words:

Rasavathi stands out as a strong new entry in the Tamil film industry because of its creative premise, all-star group, and gripping story. The anticipation for a psychological thriller that promises to delve into the depths of human emotions, unspoken romances, and compelling secrets grows as we wait for the movie’s debut in late 2023. With the skill of Arjun Das and the ensemble cast, and director Santhakumar’s ability to weave complex diagrams, the film is sure to capture viewers’ attention and keep them on the edge of their seats. “Rasavathi” carries the promise of a thrilling ride that will have an enduring impression and has the potential to become a cinematic sensation. Keep an eye out for what is likely to be a captivating cinematic experience.

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