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Retribution Movie (2023): Watch Online, Cast, Trailer, OTT, Songs, Release Date 

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Retribution Movie (2023): Watch Online, Cast, Trailer, OTT, Songs, Release Date 

Retribution Movie (2023): Watch Online, Cast, Trailer, OTT, Songs, Release Date 

The 2023 August 25 release date for Nimród Antal’s intended Hollywood action movie “Retribution” has been set. Liam Neeson, Noma Dumezweni, and Matthew Modine all have major roles in the film. The plot focuses on bank director Matt Turner (Liam Neeson), who gets a terrifying bomb threat while he is dropping off his kids at school. The caller warns to blow up the car if the passengers stop or exit. In a race against time to discover who is being threatened and why this deadly game is being played, Matt is made to perform a number of dangerous professions throughout the city. The movie promises tension as the stakes rise, thrills, and explosive action.

Quick info

DirectorNimrod Antal
WriterNimrod Antal
Release date25 august 2023 
Cinematography Flavio Martinez Lebiano
Music Harry Gragson-Williams
EditorSteve Mirkovich
CastLiam Neeson, Noma Dumezweni, Matthew Modine
Film industryHolly wood


Hollywood’s heavyweight Liam Neeson, famous for his riveting performances in action-packed movies, is the star of Retribution’s outstanding ensemble cast. He is joined by Noma Dumezweni, a superb actress who gives his characterization quality. The combination of characters is completed by Matthew Modine, who is known for his diverse performance. The plot is further developed by the efforts of supporting performers including Embeth Davidtz and Arian Moayed, who are featured in the movie. Nimród Antal’s “Retribution” is a widely patiently awaited film for both category fans and the performers because to the excellent cast’s promise to create a riveting cinematic experience full of tension, drama, and action.

Here is the list of main lead characters

  • Liam Neeson
  • Noma Dumezweni
  • Matthew Modine


The events of “Retribution” are suspenseful and suspenseful as bank executive Matt Turner (Liam Neeson) finds himself in a dangerous situation. He receives a frightening bomb threat while dropping off his kids at school, forcing him to participate in a fatal game planned by an unknown caller. Matt has to perform a number of dangerous tasks across the city while driving a car that will blow up if they stop or get out. He is in a race against time to find out who presents the threat and why, as the dangers rise. The story of the movie is a rapid race against time that combines mystery, suspense, and action into an exhilarating cinematic experience.

Release date 

On August 25, 2023, “Retribution” is scheduled to make its debut in theaters and mesmerize viewers. Nimród Antal’s much awaited Hollywood action movie is set to give an exciting and compelling cinematic experience. Fans of Liam Neeson and the action genre can mark their calendars for a thrilling ride since the film’s release date is quickly approaching. Viewers are able to predict a roller-coaster trip of suspense, thrills, and heart-pounding action as the story of bank CEO Matt Turner’s frightening experience with a bomb threat unfolds on the big screen, leaving them on the tip of their seats.


Fans can expect “Retribution” to be available on a streaming service soon after the film opens in theaters, though the exact OTT platform is still unknown. Follow updates to learn which OTT platform will stream the movie so viewers can watch “Retribution” from the comfort of their homes and take in the dramatic action, suspense, and compelling storytelling.

Ott platformTBA
Ott release dateTBA


There is no information currently available about the songs used in the film “Retribution.” Exciting action, a gripping story, and the performances of the excellent cast, which includes Liam Neeson, Noma Dumezweni, and Matthew Modine, seem to be the movie’s main charms. Fans continue to anticipate an entertaining cinematic experience packed with gripping storytelling and high-stakes action sequences, despite the absence of song information indicating an additional focus for this particular film.


The heart-pounding suspense and furious action that the movie “Retribution” promises are attractively hinted at in the teaser. The clip displays Liam Neeson’s compelling depiction of a bank executive trapped in a lethal game against a backdrop of growing danger. Viewers are given a sneak peek into the thrilling problems that the protagonist encounters as the tension builds and a bomb threat takes center stage in the story. Audiences will be nervous to solve the mystery and go on the adrenaline-fueled journey when the movie is released as a result of the well-chosen shots and heart-pounding music in the trailer.

Final words 

With the abilities of famous actors, a gripping story, and thrilling action, Retribution” is ready to provide an exciting cinematic experience. The narrative has an additional degree of suspense thanks to Liam Neeson’s portrayal of a bank executive caught up in an event that could prove fatal. Audiences can anticipate being captivated by the high-stakes difficulties and exciting twists as the secret is revealed and tension rises. Whether you enjoy suspenseful action movies or are drawn to compelling stories, “Retribution” promises to take you on a memorable journey and keep you interested the entire time. Set your calendars for August 25, 2023, and get ready for a thrilling movie experience.

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