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Ride On (2023) Hotstar Movie: Watch Jackie Chan’s Latest Movie In Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi on Disney+ Hotstar

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Ride On (2023) Hotstar Movie: Watch Jackie Chan’s Latest Movie In Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi on Disney+ Hotstar

Ride On (2023) Hotstar Movie: Watch Jackie Chan’s Latest Movie In Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi on Disney+ Hotstar

The lead character, Lao Luo, in the most recent Chinese comedy-adventure movie, Ride On 2023, is played by the famous performer Jackie Chan. On the Disney+ Hotstar app, this exciting film will be available in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi. In the Larry Yang-directed and -written movie, a stuntman, and his horse become famous as they struggle against debt collectors. Fans all around the world have been buzzing about the movie since its premiere, and in August 2023, it will be accessible in India on Disney+ Hotstar.  We will discuss. We will discuss all the details regarding this movie in this article

 Quick info

Directed byLarry Yang
writingLarry Yang
Produced byVictoria Hon, Li Jie, Belle Lau, Yanming Liu, Yuan Nong, Tianfu Xu, and Hai Yang
Music byloud boy
Cinematography byMingsun
Editing bySuper Zhang
stuntsGuanhua Han, Jun He, and Hang Su

Release Date

The highly anticipated Jackie Chan movie Ride On made its worldwide debut on April 7, 2023, in the UK, the USA, and China. These audiences were thrilled to see Jackie Chan’s brilliant comedic timing and incredible action scenes in this riveting film. Ride On received more popularity after its theatrical debut internationally when it opened in Malaysia on April 13, 2023. Fans in India may now eagerly mark their calendars for August 2023, when the movie will be available on Disney+Hotstar. The wait for Indian audiences to travel on this thrilling and entertaining journey with Jackie Chan and his co-stars in Ride On is almost over.


Jackie Chan depicts Lao Luo, an experienced stuntman who has problems with money, in the movie Ride On. Lao Luo’s life takes a surprise turn as she is confronted with increasing debts and ongoing debt collectors. He unknowingly gains internet fame while riding his reliable horse after boldly and humorously confronting the debt collectors. Lao Luo and his horse gain surprising fame as a result of their viral films, drawing fans from all over. Together, they start off on a touching journey full of joy, friendship, and unexpected turns that will leave audiences tremendously entertained and moved by their level of determination and bravery.

All-Star Cast

Ride On has an impressive ensemble cast, with famous actors bringing depth to the story. In addition to Jackie Chan’s outstanding representation as Lao Luo, Liu Haocun gives a strong performance as Xiao Bao, the famous actor’s on-screen daughter. A touching video of Jackie Chan and a woman enjoying stunts and action scenes from his earlier films recently went viral. Liu Haocun, who plays Jackie’s on-screen daughter in Ride On, is the woman in the video. She is not, unlike some unfounded claims that she is Jackie Chan’s genuine child. However, the moving trailer revealed the close relationship between the two actors and raised excitement for the upcoming movie. Famous performers such as Andy On as Dami Ge, Guo Qilin as Naihua, Joey Yung as Yingzi, Yu Ailei as Xiamao, Yu Rongguang as He Xin, Shi Yanneng as Dawei, and Xiao Shenyang as Li Yan also feature in the film. Audiences may anticipate a captivating and enjoyable movie experience with such a skilled cast.

Here is the list of main lead characters

  • Yu Ailei as Xiamao
  • Guo Qilin as Naihua
  • Shi Yanneng as Dawei
  • Jackie Chan as Lao Luo
  • Liu Haocun as Xiao Bao
  • Wu Jing as Yuanjie
  • Joey Yung as Yingzi
  • Yu Rongguang as He Xin
  • Andy On as Dami Ge
  • Xiao Shenyang as Li Yan

The Runtime and Creative Team

The 126-minute movie promises an exciting and action-packed voyage that skillfully combines comedy and action to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The talented writer and director Larry Yang, whose vision brings the story of Ride On to life with finesse, is to be credited for creating this incredible theatrical experience.  


A thrilling and entertaining trip like any other promise in the Ride On trailer. The teaser offers Jackie Chan as Lao Luo, the charming stuntman who suffers financial difficulties, against a background of amazing action scenes and touching scenes. Viewers get an insight into his brave battle with debt collectors, which unexpectedly launched him to popularity as he was supported by his trusty horse. The pair’s journey takes an unexpected turn as their movies gain popularity, thrilling viewers with daring actions and amusing experiences. The Journey On teaser perfectly balances action, laughter, and heart, keeping viewers anticipating the movie’s release and the fun journey that lies ahead.

Watch Jackie Chan’s Latest Movie In Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi on Disney+ Hotstar

To watch the movie Ride On online on Disney+ Hotstar, follow the steps below.

  • On your device, download and install Disney+ Hotstar, or use your browser to access the website directly.
  • Get the movie by using the search option.
  • The movie’s poster might be chosen from the search results and streamed online.

Final words

With Jackie Chan’s brilliant performance at its center, Trip On (2023) is ready to take viewers on an exciting trip of adventure, humor, and touching moments. A larger audience can experience the cinematic attraction thanks to the movie’s debut on Disney+ Hotstar in several languages, including Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi. Ride On was recognized as one of the most eagerly awaited films of 2023 thanks to its international distribution and viral buzz. Prepare yourself for an exciting time by watching the movie as soon as it becomes available on Disney+ Hotstar in August 2023!

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