The Road Tamil Movie (2023) Cast, Trailer, OTT, Songs, Release Date

Unknown director Arun Vaseegaran’s upcoming Tamil revenge drama “The Road” produces attention in the film industry. Trisha plays the lead in this much-awaited movie, which also stars Shabeer Kallarakkal, Santhosh Prathap, Miya George, and others. The movie, which was made under the guidance of AAA Cinemaa PVT Ltd., promises an exciting story of justice set against the arresting scenery of Uttar Pradesh and Madurai. Released on October 6, 2023, “The Road” is expected to fascinate viewers with its fascinating story and engaging performances, representing a key turning point in Tamil cinema.

Quick info

DirectorArun Vaseegaran
GenreRevenge Thriller Drama
CinematographyKG Venkatesh
MusicSam CS
Production AAA Cinemaa PVT Ltd
Release date6 October 2023
EditorA.R. Shivaraj
CastTrisha, Shabeer, Santhosh, and more
ReviewGood (as per trailer)
Rating3/5 (as per trailer)  
RuntimeTo be updated, 
Box office collectionTo be updated
Censor certificateTo be updated,


The film “The Road” has a strong collective cast that gives the story depth and personality. Trisha, a renowned actress, takes the major part, highlighting her star power. Shabeer Kallarakkal, better known for his work in “Sarpatta Parambarai,” plays Dancing Rose in the movie. With his own appeal, Santhosh Prathap, famous for his work on “Cook With Comali,” joins the cast. The group ensures an outstanding and varied cast that guarantees an enjoyable movie experience.

Here is the list of main lead characters

  • Trisha
  • Shabeer Kallarakkal
  • Semmalar Annam
  • Raatchasan Vinoth
  • Karupu Nambiar
  • Santhosh Prath
  • Miya George
  • MS Bhaskar
  • Vivek Prasanna
  • Vela Ramamoorthy
  • Laxmi Priya


The Road follows the fascinating journey of a bold woman driven by a desire for revenge. Her past is connected with a horrible drama, and she is struggling with basic issues in the middle of a lonely highway. Together with a colleague, they look into the incidents that keep happening along NH 44 in Madurai. A shocking discovery about suspected Mexican drug group involvement in these highway deaths is revealed by the story. The difficulty of their search increases as they explore deeper and uncover dangerous hidden truths. The movie explores issues of justice, revenge, and the frightening outcomes of following payback on an uncertain road to forgiveness with revenge as their driving force.

Release date

On October 6, 2023, “The Road” in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi will be released in theaters. Arun Vaseegaran’s highly anticipated Tamil revenge drama has created a lot of excitement and anticipation among movie fans. Fans and movie lovers are looking forward to the chance to watch the fascinating and thrilling story develop on the big screen as the release date near. When “The Road” ultimately opens in theaters on the planned date, it is set to interest fans with its great group, fascinating story, and promise of an amazing cinematic experience.

OTT Details

The OTT platform for “The Road” has not yet received an official announcement. Sources still claim that Netflix has acquired the movie’s rights; however, this information has not been officially confirmed. Fans and viewers should look for an announcement on the movie’s OTT distribution soon as excitement for its premiere grows. Once approved, viewers might look forward to watching “The Road” on their choice streaming service and taking in its fascinating story and performances, which will only increase excitement for the movie.

OTT platformNetflix (Not Yet Confirmed)
OTT release date2023 (Expected)
ResolutionsSD (upto 480p), HD (upto 720p), and Full HD (upto 1080p)


The soundtrack to “The Road” is fascinating and was written by the talented Sam CS. The movie is expected to include a variety of musical tracks that fit its dramatic and scary story, while particular song details have not yet been revealed. Sam CS, who is famous for his musical talent, is likely to fill the soundtrack with intense emotion and depth to improve the whole cinematic experience. Fans can look forward to a musical trip that complements the story as they eagerly await the release of the movie. This will make “The Road” a memorable and engaging cinematic experience that mixes powerful performances with a fascinating soundtrack.


Through its official teaser trailer, “The Road” provides a fascinating look into its rough and suspenseful story. The teaser for Tips Tamil, which was published on their official YouTube page, promises an exciting cinematic experience. The trailer promises a story of revenge, enticement, and high-stakes drama with a strong lead character played by Trisha and the odd presence of Dancing Rose Shabeer Kallarakkal. Expect stunning images, emotional dialogue, and a soundtrack that sets the mood for the suspenseful story. The film’s debut is widely expected by viewers, as the teaser builds excitement for an exciting journey down “The Road”.

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