Toby Kannada Movie (2023) Full HD Leaked Online On Filmyzilla to Download or Watch Online 

Introducing “Toby,” a thrilling action story in Kannada from 2023 that has attracted the attention of cinema fans. This movie, which was written and directed by Raj B. Shetty and Basil Alchalakkal, offers an original story and an impressive cast. The August 25, 2023 release “Toby” centered on a mute assassin named Toby who acts at the direction of the village chief Ananda. The movie’s theatrical release suffered damage since it was stolen online and is now easily accessible on numerous torrent websites. Online piracy is an alarming problem that raises important questions about the protection of private property rights and its impact on the entertainment industry.

Quick info

DirectorBasil Alchalakk
ProducerRakshit Shetty 
Write byRaj B. Shetty
Cinematography Praveen Shreyan
EditorNithin Shetty
MusicMidhun Mukundan
Release dateAugust 25, 2023
Production CompanyParamvah Studios
Lyricist Yogaraj Bhat
Box office collectionTBA


Raj B. Shetty, who expertly portrays Toby, is a member of the cast of “Toby”. In opposition to Chaithra J. Achar, who succeeds as Jenny, Samyukta Hornad gives Savithri’s character depth. Raj Ananda, the village leader whose deeds start the conspiracy, is played by Deepak Shetty. In important roles, Gopal Krishna Deshpande, Sandhya Arakere, Bharath GB, and Yogi Bankeshwar all give powerful performances.

Here is the list of main lead characters

  • Raj B. Shetty
  •  Samyukta Hornad
  • Chaitra Achar
  • Raj Deepak Shetty


Toby follows the difficult journey of mute killer Toby, who is under the power of the village head Ananda. Toby is a loving father to Jenny, whom he adopts, with this darkness. Jenny is put in danger by Ananda’s operations, so Toby decides to exact payback. Sampath, a sub-inspector, becomes attached to Toby’s puzzling disappearance and weaves his story into the main one. The story is determined by themes of violence, cleansing, and the effects of decisions. The movie explores the complex web of relationships and emotions, leaving viewers on the very edge of their seats with exciting performances and an original story.

Release date and OTT platform

On August 25, 2023, the thrilling Kannada action drama “Toby” made its debut in theaters. Audiences are still thrilled by the movie, and anticipation is growing for the much-anticipated OTT release date and platform. It is believed that “Toby” will debut on the digital streaming platform after a successful 45-day theatrical run, however, the precise release date has not yet been made official. According to stories, Disney+ Hotstar has purchased the film’s digital rights, indicating a likely October release. 

Ott release dateEnd of October(expected)
Ott platformDisney+Hotstar (expected)
Runtime2h 15m

“Toby Kannada Movie (2023) Full HD Leaked Online On Filmyzilla to Download  

Sadly, cyber piracy has made the Kannada movie “Toby” from 2023 a target. There are rumors that it was released in full HD on the website Filmyzilla. Users can now download the movie for free, which creates questions about how this will affect the movie’s box office performance and the labor of love put forward by the cast and crew. Such acts of piracy not only break copyright rules but also harm the film industry’s efforts. To guarantee the continuing growth and viability of the entertainment industry, it is crucial for audiences to contribute to films.

A Request for Legal Viewing

Piracy may make it easy to see movies, but it loses consumers as well as filmmakers a lot of money. The authors of “Toby Kannada Movie” and other works put a lot of time, effort, and money into creating unique storylines that should be enjoyed legally and on approved channels. To respect the hard work of filmmakers and to support the film industry, we urge viewers to watch movies in theaters or on authorized streaming platforms.

Toby Kannada Movie (2023) Full HD  Watch Online 

Follow the moral and lawful path to view the 2023 Kannada movie “Toby.” Although the movie has unfortunately been leaked on sites like Filmyzilla, it is advised to hold off until its official release on reliable streaming services. This upholds the actor’s and crew’s work of love while also following copyright laws. Keep track of the movie’s official release date and watch it on reputable platforms that support a healthy entertainment market.


The interesting world of this 2023 Kannada action movie is shown in the “Toby” trailer. The film, which was written and directed by Raj B. Shetty, stars Raj B. Shetty as the enigmatic lead character, Toby. The teaser teases Toby’s desire for justice to defend his adopted daughter amid dramatic action scenes and moving scenes. “Toby” promises an emotional roller-coaster and action-packed scenes with strong performances from a brilliant cast and a creative story. 

Final words 

Toby shines out as a cinematic masterpiece, telling a tale of punishment and redemption. Despite unfortunate leaks, officially promoting the movie guarantees that the hard-working cast and crew get credit. The film, which is being directed by Basil Alchalakkal and stars Raj B. Shetty, promises to have both strong action and a rich emotional center. Be on the lookout for its approved distribution on trustworthy sites. By choosing to see “Toby” through approved channels, let’s show our appreciation for the effort that goes into creating such amazing tales while adding to the growing film industry.

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