Vash (2023) Hindi Movie: Cast, Story, Trailer, OTT, Release Date

Get ready to be delighted by the scary and mystical world of “Vash,” a new Hindi film with a July 21, 2023, release date. Jagmeet Samundri’s and Ganga Mamgai’s “Vash” promises a unique cinematic experience that seamlessly combines romance and horror. The film shows a frightening story of controlling, evil spirits, and a forever battle for love and survival and stars an outstanding ensemble cast, including Ganga Mamgai, Vivek Jaitly, and Rituraj Singh. we will discuss all details regarding this movie in this article

Quick info

producerSahil, Ganga Mamgai
directorJagmeet Samundri
starringGanga MamgaiVivek Jaitly
musicMukhtar Sahota, Madhav Vijay
writerJagmeet Samundri
editorJagmeet Samundri
cinematographerManoj Shaw
Production CompanyTwin Flame Productions
Release date21 July 2023
reviewYet to be updated
ratingYet to be updated
runtimeYet to be updated
Box office collectionYet to be updated
Censor certificateU/A


The cast of the film “Vash” is outstanding, with each member bringing their special talent to each scene to enhance the engaging story. Vivek Jaitly, who plays Rakshit, Aanchal’s passionate and brave lover, is standing in opposition to her. Charming Ganga Mamgai, who plays the role of Aanchal, the young woman at the focal point of the dreadful events, stands out from the group. Rituraj Singh gives the story some depth as Shashtri, Kaveri Priyam, Hardik Thakkar, Preeti Kochar, Rajveer Suryavanshi, and Gurinder Makna all give excellent supporting performances that highlight a variety of characters. Here is the list of main lead characters

  • Rituraj Singh
  • Kaveri Priyam
  • Vivek Jaitly
  • Ganga Mamgai
  • Preeti Kochar


Rakshit and Aanchal are two individuals who have a deep bond in a story of love and loyalty. “Vash” digs into their lives.  Rakshit finds himself faced with unexpected powers that threaten to destroy their peaceful lives when odd and frightening things take place. When a mysterious third person joins their lives with a desire to obtain Aanchal, their seemingly perfect romance story takes a dark and frightening turn. 

The frightening possession of Aanchal by an evil spirit with unresolved issues is the main focus of the film. Aanchal, who is disturbed by the terrifying presence, sets out on an adventure to discover the horrific truths concerning what she holds. She must fight the furious spirit that has taken over her life while seeking the help of psychics and spiritual therapists.

As Aanchal tries to escape from the grip of the evil force, the story delivers an exciting story of fear, redemption, and the strong human spirit. The film takes viewers on an exciting and suspenseful journey as the struggle between good and evil heats up, complete with frightening scenes, unexpected turns, and a race against time to save Aanchal from her terrifying pain.

Release Date: 

On July 21, 2023, the eagerly awaited Hindi film “Vash” is scheduled to be released. Mark this day on your calendar if you enjoy watching horror-thriller dramas, as the movie promises to be terrifying as well as thrilling.

OTT Platform:

“Vash” will also be made available on the popular OTT platform ZEE5 after it hits theaters. As a result, “Vash” will soon be available for viewing on ZEE5 for those who prefer to view the film in the privacy of their own homes. You won’t have to miss out on “Vash’s” strange thrills if you prefer the big screen or the convenience of streaming.

Streaming date2023
OTT platformZee 5


Prepare to be on the edge of your seat as the suspenseful and frightening trailer for “Vash” (2023) comes out in front of you. An interesting tale of love, possession, and evil forces is teased in this unsettling teaser, reaching its highest point in the world of ghostly horror. The innocent romance between Rakshit (Vivek Jaitly) and Aanchal (Ganga Mamgai) takes an unsettling turn as a mystery third party enters their lives with a plan to win Aanchal’s heart at any cost. Get ready for an unforgettable cinematic experience, as the trailer promises glimpses of terrifying incidents and heart-pounding scenes.

Final words:

“A much anticipated Hindi film titled “Vash” (2023) blends suspense, horror, and romance to provide a unique viewing experience. The film declares to bring viewers into a world of mystical mystery, possession, and the unstoppable power of love. The cast includes the lead roles played by Ganga Mamgai and Vivek Jaitly. “Vash,” which is directed by Jagmeet Samundri and is produced by Ganga Mamgai under the banner of Twin Flame Productions, presents a gripping story that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats the entire time. Audiences are expecting an exciting trip that explores the depths of dread and the strength of the human spirit as the release date draws near. Watch the dark story of “Vash” come to life in theaters, and for those who would rather stream from home, keep a watch out for it to become available on the ZEE5 OTT platform soon after it opens in theaters.

Prepare yourself for the strange delights of “Vash” and enter a world where certain puzzles are better left unknown.

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