Watch The Kashmir Files Unreported (2023) Full Show On ZEE5

With “The Kashmir Files Unreported,” an exclusive documentary series hosted by Pallavi Joshi and directed by Vivek Agnihotri, you can explore the dark corners of history. This compelling program explores the awful events of the 1990s Kashmir Hindu Genocide while shining light on hidden tales and suppressed stories. This unreported version presents an uncolored, uncensored viewpoint as a follow-up to “The Kashmir Files,” which achieved amazing success. The series starts on the ZEE5 platform on August 11, 2023, enabling viewers to investigate the sad truths that established a community’s future and consider the important impact of these unfortunate events.

Quick info

Release date11 August 2023
producerVivek Agnihotri, Pallavi Joshi
genreDocumentary, History
writerVivek Agnihotri, Pallavi Joshi
directorVivek Agnihotri
productionI Am Buddha
castVivek Agnihotri, Pallavi Joshi
Dubbed inTamil, Telugu
creatorVivek Agnihotri, Pallavi Joshi


A compelling ZEE5 documentary, “The Kashmir Files Unreported,” tells a touching story. This series, which is hosted by Pallavi Joshi and directed by Vivek Agnihotri, exposes shocking facts about the Hindu Genocide in Kashmir in the 1990s. It reveals overlooked storylines over the course of seven captivating episodes while weaving the tragic tales of the victims and their families. This unverified edition, which debuts on August 11, 2023, wants to ensure that the difficult truths of history are never forgotten while promoting unity and compassion in its wake.

Watch The Kashmir Files Unreported (2023) Full Show On ZEE5


The impressive cast of “The Kashmir Files Unreported” brings life to this powerful documentary series. The show is skillfully directed by Vivek Agnihotri and is hosted by the outstanding Pallavi Joshi. Their united efforts expose the uncensored stories of the Hindu Genocide in Kashmir in the 1990s. The cast offers an extensive account of the sad events through talks with historians, specialists, and actual victims. The cast ensures that the legacy of those impacted lives on through their moving performances and dedication to accurately reflecting history’s reality. Their dedication to sincerity and humanity gives the undetected journey substance, making a lasting impression on viewers.

Release Date:

On August 11, 2023, “The Kashmir Files Unreported” made its debut, and it can now be viewed online via the ZEE5 app. This compelling seven-part movie provides an honest depiction of the sad events that affected the lives of many people and communities.

OTT platform

ZEE5 now offers streaming access to “The Kashmir Files Unreported,” an unedited depiction of the 1990s Kashmir Hindu Genocide. This unique platform gives viewers the chance to enter history, examine repressed histories, and consider the horrific incidents that determined the fate of a community.


The series consists of seven compelling episodes, each of which presents a different angle on the terrifying story:

  • Paradise Plundered
  • The Genesis Of Terrorism
  • The Demand For Azaadi
  • The Night That Changed Lives
  • The Cover Up
  • Erased History
  • Kashmir Today

How to Watch The Kashmir Files Unreported (2023) Full Show On ZEE5:

  • Following these steps will grant you access to the complete episode of “The Kashmir Files Unreported” (2023), which is only accessible on ZEE5.
  • Subscription to ZEE5: Make sure your ZEE5 account is active. Otherwise, register via the ZEE5 website or mobile application.
  • Look for the program: Find “The Kashmir Files Unreported” by using the ZEE5 platform’s search feature.
  • Choose the Show: When you find the series, click it to get to its page.
  • Watch and Enjoy: To see “The Kashmir Files Unreported” in its entirety, click the play button. Take a seat, get lost in the stories, and consider the tragic accounts of the Hindu Extermination in Kashmir.
  • ZEE5 frequently offers users the choice of recording episodes for offline watching. If this option is offered, download the episodes to watch them whenever it’s convenient for you.

Through “The Kashmir Files Unreported,” which you can access with your ZEE5 subscription and a few simple clicks, you are able to communicate with history while learning about the tragic events that affected the lives of actual people.


As victims describe their firsthand experiences of the disaster that occurred in the 1990s, the trailer for “The Kashmir Files Unreported” provokes strong feelings. A story that is even more heartbreaking, informative, and spine-chilling than the one before it is what director Vivek Agnihotri promises. With the help of conversations with historians, experts, the victims, and their families, the series dives deeper into the circumstances surrounding the murders and the departure of Kashmiri Pandits. The removal of Article 370 and its continuing impact on Kashmir are also discussed in the trailer.

Final words

The Kashmir Files Unreported is proof of the durability of the truth and the strength of the story. This series encourages viewers to think about and remember history’s forgotten chapters by bringing to light the secret stories of the Kashmir Genocide Through this untold journey, the designers hope to encourage tolerance, promote unity, and preserve the memories of people whose lives were forever altered by what happened in the Valley.

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